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Shipping and Returns

We are committed to your satisfaction and will gladly refund or replace any incorrect or defective item at our cost, shipping included. Incorrect/defective items must be returned within 30 days in the same condition they were received; no cuts, odors, stains or other alterations. Upon receipt and verification of defective/mistaken items, we will issue a full refund or replacement.

Unfortunately, we will not accept returns of cut fabric. We do want you to be satisfied however, so if you email us we will gladly send you a snippet of a particular fabric before you buy! Please include your address when asking for a sample swatch. (There is a limit of 5 swatches.)

Shipping costs are estimates only. When you place an order, you might see a higher shipping rate than you expect. This is because shipping rates are set by dollar amount and not by 'volume'. For example, I can fit up to 7 yards in the Legal Size Flat Rate envelope which costs the same price to send, but not if your order includes my book. Conversely, you might order 7 yards of fabric and see a $10 charge for shipping, in these instances I edit your shipping charges so you will in fact only pay the $4.95 for shipping. Your card is not charged until your order is packaged in the most economical way possible. Usually your actual costs will be in this range;

$5.50 Priority Flat Rate Envelope - up to 7 yards of fabric.
$12.35 Priority Flat Rate Box - up to 20 yards of fabric, or fabric and books.

If you would like your package to be insured, please mention this in the Comments section of the order form. Additional charges will be added.

Orders less than 1.5 yards of fabric will ship First Class Mail with a flat $3 dollar shipping charge.

International Customers
Your credit card will be charged for the actual amount of the international shipping charges. All international orders will be shipped by Global Priority flat rate if we can fit your items into a flat rate envelope. (Flat rate envelopes can hold up to 7 yards.) If not, we will divide your order into several envelopes, put it into a variable weight priority box, or ship it Airmail Parcel Post unless other arrangements have been made.
Global Priority flat rates:
Canada: $19.95
Everywhere else: $23.95

Because it is not possible to track or insure GP mail, Patchworks that Praise assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost goods; purchaser must assume the responsibility. Please let me know if you want me to send your package air mail with insurance.

I value honesty and ethics in business; please don't ask me to mark 'Gift' on customs forms.

Hungary, Romania, Greece, Italy, and Mexico have known theft problems within their postal services, so we will ship to these countries airmail insured, and you must pay the full postage and insurance. We will contact you before shipping, because postage to these countries is expensive. If you really want us to ship global priority, we will -- but we will not guarantee delivery. If it is stolen enroute, we will NOT make it good to these known problem countries. We do not ship to Nigeria.

The United States Postal Service does not have Global Priority service to some places. You can always check their website to see what the current policies are. In war zones or dangerous places policies change frequently. To those places we will send surface insured, and charge you actual cost plus insurance.

Privacy Policy
Patchworks that Praise quilt shop is concerned about your privacy. We will not sell or give your name, email or address to anyone. You may choose to receive an occasional newlsetter from us regarding promotions, new fabrics or changes in the website by registering with the store.
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